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Teachers Write! Anchors Away

Teachers Write 2013 ButtonI know people say this, but it’s for real:  I’ve been waiting for Teachers Write for a whole year. A whole blessed year! Last year when Kate, Gae, Jen, Jo, etal started this deal, I was gung-ho. I read everything they posted, and I wrote every single day.

Then life happened.

My dad got sick. My mother’s Alzheimer’s got worse. Hospital after hospital after hospital. I quit my life for a while, and, of course, writing quit, too.

It’s been a year of stress and pain and struggle. A perfect storm of grief and fear and longing. Funny–no one’s died. Yet. But the rain keeps coming, and soon the road will wash out with just one phone call.

In the meantime, I will write. I will think about the things I want to say, be it professional or otherwise, and I will figure out how to make the words create the meaning that bubbles up in my heart and mind. I need to write to clear my head. No, really, I need to write to make some sense of the paradox that’s become my life.

I’ll use this blog as my buoy, my life vest, but if something fairly good springs from my calloused fingers as I grasp onto this keyboard, I’ll be posting that at Three Teachers Talk–the blog I share with the amazing @heathercato.


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