Teachers Write! And It Begins…

I like to write. I really do. But the thing is– I always think I have to be in the mood first. You know, I have to feel the urge, feel the words swirling and flitting through my brain, feel like actually sitting and letting the thoughts flow through my finger tips. Sadly, this feeling rarely comes. Well, rarely comes unless I make the time to create it. So I ask myself as I begin this journey with other teachers who want to write: how am I going to do things differently? How am I going to commit myself to this writing project and follow it through?

How do I spend my time, and what can go?

This is a tough one. I spend a lot of time on Twitter, reading the news and ideas shared by my PLN. I think this has become my number one hobby: I’ve become a PLN junkie. I have at least 500 tweets saved as a favorite, just waiting for me to read and possibly categorize. I can cut my Twitter time and probably not miss out on a thing.

How much time will I dedicate to writing each day?

I will be writing ELA curriculum during the day pretty much through the month of June. That means my personal writing time has to fit in the evenings. I am setting the personal goal of 20 minutes per day. I am pretty confident I can do at least that much without neglecting my family too badly.

Where will I write?

I do like to create a mood. So I think I will turn a corner of my bedroom into my writing space. A vanilla scented candle, some music with a gentle groove, and, of course, my new Mac Pro.




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