Why Writing Workshop?

Energized. That’s the word I needed earlier today. A friend asked how teaching’s going, and I tried to explain but couldn’t find the word to convey the difference in this year versus last or the year before or before or before. I’m usually counting the moments to Fair Day and a day off, tired of dealing with lazy kids and too-busy schedules to want to think down the calendar.  But this year I’m reading ahead, planning ahead, hoping ahead, trying to stay ahead of my students who have stepped up the learning. As I drove home I thought about it. What’s different?

  • Student choice in reading materials. So students want to read.
  • Student choice in writing topics. So students want to write.
  • Students talking about their writing/reading. So student talk is learning.

Yep, energized. Students are working. Pretty sure I’m having fun.

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